Travel to Loppa

Travel to Loppa municipality do not come easy or cheap, however there is alternative ways for enjoying and staying in Loppa. We will be covering these alternatives here.


How to travel to Loppa?

  • Are you traveling from abroad? If so, it is most common and travel to Oslo (the capital of Norway)
  • From Oslo (Capital), you travel by air (plane) to Alta Finnmark

Oslo to Alta

  • From Alta you choose either bus, car or hitchhike from Alta to Øksfjord Loppa

Alta - Øksfjord

  • From Øksfjord you can either choose car ferry, or express boat. Look at the map bottom of this site, map showing where the different harbor facilities are located.
    A: Express boat
    B: Car ferry

Alternative traveling methods

  1. Bus, here is a link to bus routes
  2. Car or hitchhiking

Timetables for boat

Here is schedules for following, car ferry and express boat

320 is Loppa express boat

Loppa boat timetable

510 and 520 is car ferry timetable

car ferry timetable Loppa

Alta – Øksfjord travel map with ferry and boat info

The map below shows how to travel from Alta – Øksfjord. If you click on each marker you get more information as, phonenumber, emails ect..